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They said that in the light of the recommendation of the academic search committee, the provincial government appointed VCs of University of Agriculture Peshawar and University of Haripur on March 15, 2019 but withheld appointment at SBBWU owing to unknown reasons.
Because of this propensity to be used in illicit activities, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas on March 6, 2014, issued a 'Warning Advisory to the Public' that VC Exchanges are not regulated by the BSP, or by any regulatory authority, and, thus, consumers are not protected from financial losses if the VC Exchange (or any organization that holds or exchanges VCs) fails or goes out of business.
The unions secretary-general Constantine Wasonga while making submissions on a bill before Parliament said appointment of VCs should be left to people versed with education matters.The Statute Law Miscellaneous Amendments Bill 2018, proposes that VCs of public universities be appointed by the university councils in consultation with the Cabinet Secretary, after a competitive process conducted by the PSC.
Chief Justice Nisar approved the body's members and remarked that the committee will recommend names for appointment of VCs at public sector universities.
The BSP since February last year registers VC Exchanges as "companies or businesses engaged in changing VCs into fiat currency (and vice versa)" and the act of converting VCs into Philippine money can facilitate payments and remittances.
The public is therefore advised to exercise caution regarding the acquisition, possession, trading of VCs or dealing with VC-related offers.
'With the recent price surge of VCs such as bitcoins, the BSP has observed that an increasing number of individuals or entities may be tempted to 'invest' in VC pyramid schemes disguised as initial coin offerings (ICOs) or VC investment products.
New Delhi [India], Dec 29 ( ANI ): Taking cognisance of the recent rising popularity of investing in virtual currencies (VCs) like Bitcoins, the Ministry of Finance issued a statement on Friday, cautioning investors regarding risks of dealing with cryptocurrencies.
This article discusses the potential benefits and risks posed by VCs and how financial regulators could approach them, drawing from the Staff Discussion Note published in January.
To answer this question, we need to disentangle the impact of VCs' pre-investment screening activities from the incremental impact of VCs' post-investment monitoring and value-adding service.
The speakers said that it is good idea to honour new VCs and hoped that such type of events would help universities to develop links with diplomats who are working on education in Pakistan.