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In the subcontracting division, VDL specializes in metalworking, mechatronic systems and system supply, plastics processing and surface treatment.
"The drastically tightened criteria would lead to 80 percent fewer colors bearing the ecolabel in future," said Martin Engelmann, VdL managing director, adding the omission of preservatives for all wall colors was technically not possible.
HH VDL radios will replace existing incumbent ground ISR terminals operating at the tactical edge of the battlespace, providing increased capability in a more mobile solution.
Both DAF Trucks and VDL Bus & Coach (formerly DAF Bus, prior to the sale of the business to United Bus in 1990) are based in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.
He added that the trial operation of the new VDL bus shows RTA's keenness to revamp its public bus fleet to keep pace with the best practices worldwide and offer top-of-the-range services to public transport riders in Dubai
The trial operation of the new VDL Bus signals RTA's keenness to revamp its public bus fleet to keep pace with the top practices worldwide and offer top of the range services to public transport riders in Dubai," said Al Tayer.
The signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in the tapered sample covariance matrix is estimated and the variable diagonal loading (VDL) factor can be obtained adaptively.
There are two facilities in Austria (Magna Styr) and in Holland (VDL Nedcar) positioning themselves as better alternatives to British factories.
VDL concentrated on developing products featuring popular cartoon characters with the VDL Kakao Friends Collection, which was a limited edition.
Recipients of the Coach of the Year award, the buses from VDL Bus & Coach are more light weight, fuel efficient, and give off the lowest carbon dioxide emissions.
An agreement was signed on Sunday between the ONTC and the Netherlands-based VDL Bus & Coach Company, one of the largest bus producers in Europe, for the purchase of 40 buses.
Resulta por ello auspicioso la aplicacion del "Programa Ventana de Desarrollo Local (VDL)" a partir del 2001 en la Region San Martin (Pro vias rural; 2003), con relativo exito dentro de la perspectiva de la Economia Social de Mercado.