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Verres, Gaius


Year of birth unknown; died 43 B.C. Roman political figure.

Verres was an adherent of Cornelius Sulla. He was legate in Asia in 80 B.C. and praetor in 74 B.C. During the years 73-71 B.C. Verres governed the province of Sicily, where he was notorious for his corrupt actions and extortions. Because of these he was tried in court upon his return to Rome; Cicero acted as prosecutor. Considering his case to be lost, Verres voluntarily went into exile even before the end of his trial. During the Second Triumvirate, Verres was placed by M. Antony in the proscription list and executed.

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Leon Verres, who is considered one of the most successful and charismatic luxury designers of his time, is exceeding himself with a diamond version of the vodka: Costing a whopping 7.25 million dollars, the luxury version of this Russian national beverage - thereby beats all records.
L'interpretation des metonymies (lire un auteur, deguster un verre) necessite que l'on recupere les phrases sous-jacentes: lire un livre et deguster du vin.
Cicero is faced with delaying tactics designed to keep the trial from finishing before a judge sympathetic to Verres is scheduled to replace the presiding one.
A mediter, a retourner mille et un soucis dans une tete pleine d'un quotidien pas toujours fait que de jours heureux. Lui, le cafetier, s'affaire autour de deux vieilles theieres, deux verres, un sucrier.
Notre table, calme sereine et monotone, allait soudainement se sentir secouee par des battements irreguliers, tout autant que nos verres qui s'inclinaient, tour a tour par courtoisie, a ce sourire qui s'allongeait toujours.
Des verres solaires d'excellente qualitE[umlaut] sont donc indispensables.
Une habitude si ancree etant une seconde nature, presque plus personne ne fait plus attention aux habits crasseux des serveurs ni aux verres mal laves et rinces.
Simplement, il evite comme beaucoup d'autres consommateurs de prendre un cafe ou une boisson dans un verre. Il sait que la proprete dans beaucoup d'endroits laisse a desirer.