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(Spring), a high-speed, semiconductor, general-purpose digital computer. Built in the USSR, the Vesna computer has been designed to solve a broad range of scientific-tchnical and information-logical problems—for example, at the Hydrometeorological Center of the USSR. The average speed of the processor is about 250,000 operations per second (400,000 addition-type operations or 150,000 multiplication-type operations). The length of the machine word (48 binary digits) is divided into eight characters (six digits apiece) during data processing. The processor has a set of operations that ensures accelerated performance of calculations with increased precision. Program control is provided for in the machine. The machine memory of the Vesna is subdivided into a small operational memory, with 32 flip-flop registers; a primary operational memory, with an access time of 1 microsecond, with ferrite cores and consisting of two 1,024-word units; and a large operational memory, with an access time of 10-12 microseconds, also with ferrite cores, which includes four units of 16,384 words apiece. The set of off-line storage units for the Vesna is designed for up to eight drum stores (capacity of 65,000 words apiece) and up to 32 magnetic tape storages (500,000-1,000,000 words apiece). Data is fed from punched cards or tape, and also directly from communications lines through external devices; the output is via punched cards, punched tapes, or alphanumeric printer and through an external unit to communications lines.

Data exchange between the processor and the external units is carried on through a large operational memory. There is a program coordinating-computing unit to control this process. Memory protection is provided for in the Vesna. Supplying equipment for multiprogram work and combined data input-output makes it possible during data processing to carry on automatic data exchange simultaneously with several subscribers along telephone and telegraph communications lines.


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