Visual FoxPro

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Visual FoxPro

A Microsoft database derived from Fox Software's FoxPRO.

Latest version: 5.0, as of 2000-06-21.

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Visual FoxPro

An earlier Xbase development system for Windows from Microsoft. Originally known as FoxPro for Windows, FoxPro for DOS, etc., Visual FoxPro added object orientation and client/server support. Many business applications were written in Visual FoxPro, and the language was highly regarded by developers. With support for ActiveX, Visual FoxPro 3 (VFP3) became the first 32-bit Windows product for Windows 95.

Introduced in 2004, Visual FoxPro 9 (VFP9) was the last formal release of the system, and extended support ended in January 2015. Subsequently, Microsoft released a series of FoxPro enhancements known as Sedna into its open source site (see CodePlex). Sedna added support for the .NET environment and newer Microsoft OS and office versions.

From FoxBASE
Visual FoxPro stemmed from FoxBASE, which was originally developed for DOS by Fox Software in the mid-1980s and widely praised for its speed and dBASE compatibility. See dBASE and Xbase.
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