VFR corridor

VFR (visual flight rules) corridor

VFR (visual flight rules) corridor
A pathway through Class B airspace, with defined vertical and lateral boundaries, in which aircraft may operate without an ATC (air traffic control) clearance or communication with air traffic control. These corridors are, in effect, a “hole” through Class B airspace. A corridor is surrounded on all sides by Class B airspace and does not extend down to the surface like a VFR fly-way. Because of finite lat eral and vertical limits, and the volume of VFR traffic using a corridor, extreme caution and vigilance must be exercised.
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Approaching the Bravo airspace from the east is tricky as there are two major airports to either be vectored around or else you must descend down to a VFR corridor between them.
Me: "Zero Charlie Tango is cancelling IFR and descending for the VFR corridor."
If you have a VFR corridor for them to transit, highlight it on the chart.
The airspace boundaries of the East River VFR Corridor near the point of the crash: 2100 feet wide, capped at 1100 feet msl, with Class B airspace walling off the end straight ahead.
I opted to climb into the VFR corridor for our flight home.
No trip into the NYC Class B airspace would be complete without a quick tour up the Hudson River VFR corridor between 500 and 1100 feet AGL.
The Private pilot and Flight Instructor sustained minor injuries; visual conditions prevailed for the instructional flight to familiarize the Private pilot with the VFR corridor along the Hudson River.
As one result, the FAA likely will be forced to eliminate the VFR corridors underlying the New York Class B.