VFR flyways

VFR (visual flight rules) flyways

A general flight path not defined as a specific course for use by pilots in planning flights into, out of, through, or near complex terminal airspace to avoid Class B airspace. An ATC (air traffic control) clearance is not required to fly these routes. VFR flyways are depicted on the reverse side of some VFR terminal area charts (TAC), commonly referred to as Class B airspace charts. These charts identify VFR flyways designed to help VFR pilots avoid major controlled traffic flows. They may further depict multiple VFR routings throughout the area that may be used as an alternative to flight within Class B airspace. The ground references provide a guide for improved visual navigation. These routes are not intended to discourage requests for VFR operations within Class B airspace but are designed solely to assist pilots in planning for flights under and around busy Class B airspace without actually entering Class B airspace.
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