VFR not recommended

VFR (visual flight rules) not recommended

An advisory provided by an FSS (flight service station) to a pilot during a preflight or an in-flight weather briefing that flight under visual flight rules is not recommended. This clearance is given when the current and/or forecast weather conditions are at or below VFR minimums. It does not abrogate the pilot's authority to make his or her own decision.
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Issuing a VFR not recommended warning may also be viewed by a specialist as limiting liability if something did happen.
As I probed to find out where the ceilings would be highest and hold the longest, she kept coming back with the mantra, "VFR not recommended." I get that, but for the love of 100LL, throw me a bone.
However, little has happened with the third one, which relates to issues such as reporting known icing and flight service stock warnings such as "VFR not recommended."
The career climb to fully certified status takes about a year (how hard is it to say "VFR not recommended?"), after which, the salary jumps to roughly $80,000.
In 45 years, I have never heard "VFR not recommended" from a Canadian briefer.
The FSS briefer didn't expect the question I asked when he gave the required "VFR Not Recommended." I asked, "Why?"