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Piles of these VHS tapes are stacked up on shelves, in closets, and in storage cabinets on campuses around the world.
This hybrid technology is designed to lure consumers who are wary of buying a technology that might be obsolete, such as the Betamax became after losing a format war with VHS.
JVC developed the VHS video standard through a demanding quest to meet the future needs of home VTR applications.
VHS videotape, English, 15 minutes, 2002 Catalog No.
An evaluation of The Virtual High School, published in November 2000, showed that VHS students spent less time on common assignments and projects than face-to-face students, and there was less student-to-student interaction and group work in VHS.
In fiscal 2010, VHS reported total operating revenues of $128.
Warner Home Video's Steve Nickerson remarked, during a separate panel session, that much has changed since the VHS-Betamax war, which pitted two incompatible videotape formats against each other with VHS prevailing.
However, the impact of DVD on VHS is not so pretty.
Honestech's VHS to DVD Deluxe Software and Hardware Solution Enables Novices and Professionals to Create and Archive Movies in HDTV and on Blu-ray DVDs
We have ridden the wave of changes going from VHS to DVD, and we see it as the same up-and-down business.
Recommended CPE credit (based on a 50-min hour): Text, 10; DVD and VHS, 12
Last week, VHS developer JVC unveiled two new copy-protection standards for a digital VHS (D-VHS) format, and says it plans to start shipping the all-digital VCRs by the end of the year.