VESA Local Bus

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VESA Local Bus

(hardware, standard)
(VL, VLB) A local bus defined by the Video Electronics Standards Association, mostly used in personal computers based on the Intel 486. See also PCI.
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(VESA Local-BUS) A peripheral bus from VESA that was primarily used in computers with 486 CPUs. VL-bus provided a high-speed data path between the CPU and peripherals (video, disk, etc.). It was a 32-bit bus that supported bus mastering and ran at speeds up to 40 MHz. With up to three VL-bus slots on the motherboard, each slot was in two parts: one Micro Channel slot along with an ISA, EISA or a second Micro Channel slot. See PC data buses.

The VL-bus
The VL-bus was widely used on 486 motherboards, providing a wider bandwidth for peripheral data transfer than the traditional ISA bus.

Types of Expansion Cards
Of all the bus types in this illustration, PCI is the only one found in new computers. AGP, ISA, EISA, Micro Channel and VL-bus are obsolete.
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