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a river in Smolensk Oblast, RSFSR. A right tributary of the Dnieper. Length, 158 km; basin area, 3,300 sq km. The Vop’ flows within the Smolensk Upland; in its upper reaches it flows amid swamps and lower on through a broad valley covered with sparse forests or meadows which are partly swampy. The mean annual discharge at the mouth is about 22 cu m per sec. During the spring, timber is floated down the river. The city of lartsevo is situated on the Vop’.

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"This is another of the milestones of our more than seventy-year history, from the beginning we work and serve the state and the Army of the Czech Republic," said VOP CZ director.
Se ha demostrado que una VOP elevada se asocia con enfermedad coronaria y accidente cerebrovascular (11).
A countrywide campaign shall now be started to encourage retired personnel of all ranks of the armed forces of Pakistan to join VOP. This will make its voice more effective to serve Pakistan and look after welfare of the retired servicemen.
Edward said that VOP had run into difficulties with the state government after receiving a warning last week from the deputy governor not to broadcast certain news items sent from its Juba headquarters, adding that the station is waiting for the Bishop of the local diocese to meet with authorities to resolve the issue.
E(t) is the processing time for the encryption of VOP, DES(t) is the time for DES algorithm processing, and M(t) is the processing time for pre-processing.
En el presente estudio se evalua la relacion costo-efectividad de la introduccion de la VIP en el Programa Ampliado de Inmunizaciones (PAI) de Colombia con respecto al sistema actual basado en el empleo de la VOP.
Well-implemented VoP processors deliver remarkable rewards in voice quality, channel density and power consumption.
"Entropia III is an extremely powerful VoIP processor that is a generation beyond any competitive solution on the market," said Fima Vaisman, vice president VoP marketing for Centillium.
Vircom Inc., a developer of Internet infrastructure server solutions, has introduced its line of VOP modusMail secure messaging solutions dedicated to small-and medium-sized businesses and service providers who require round-the-clock virus and bulk mail protection.
Venous outflow pressure (VOP) is a measure of the pressure of the retinal vein within its adjacent optic nerve.
Gen Ali Kuli Khan (Retd), President VOP. It is hoped that our people will donate with the same spirit as was displayed for 'qaraz utaro' scheme.