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A company and, by extension, a tape format for computer data backup and transfer. The tape is a data quality 8mm video cassette recorder tape. Exabyte units can store between five and fourteen gigabytes of data per tape. Exabytes are usually attached to Unix workstations.


2^60 = 1,152,921,504,606,846,976 bytes = 1024 petabytes or roughly 10^18 bytes.

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(1) One quintillion bytes. Also EB, Ebyte and E-byte. For example, Cisco reported 30 EB of global mobile data in 2014 and forecast nearly 10 times that much for 2019. See exa, binary values and space/time.

(2) (Exabyte Corporation, Boulder, CO, www.exabyte.com) Founded in 1985, for many years it was one of the world's leading providers of tape drives and tape storage products. Its high-capacity 8mm tape drives, introduced in 1987, have long been sold through OEM and reseller partners. Exabyte used to offer QIC and DAT drives from acquisitions made in the early 1990s.

2006 Acquisition
In late 2006, Norway-based Tandberg Data, itself a well-known manufacturer of archival and storage products, acquired Exabyte and all rights to its breakthrough VXA packet technology.

The VXA Alliance
Along with Imation, Sony and TDK, Exabyte was a founding member of the VXA Alliance, an industry group that focuses on the VXA packet tape format. VXA is a technology that restores and backs up data by reading and writing discrete packets, rather than by sequential linear tracking. Fourth generation VXA products double data capacity to 640GB (compressed) with a data transfer rate of 48MB per second. For more information, visit www.vxa.com
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A tape storage innovator, the company's VXA tape products deliver market-leading value and enterprise-quality reliability.
Based on Ecrix's ground-breaking VXA technology, the VXA-1 tape drive delivers major advances over conventional tape technology, offering users unprecedented data restore capabilities with 66GB of capacity and 6 MB/second transfer rate.
All VXA-320 products are enabled with VXA Packet Technology and are compatible with prior generations of VXA.
With one VXA-2 drive and up to 10 VXA tapes, the 2U AutoPak 1x10 leads in capacity and price over other rack mounted autoloaders, making it the preferred storage companion for top-selling Compaq, HP, IBM and Apple 1u and 2u servers.
The PacketLoader's outstanding capacity, performance and price are made possible by VXA Packet Technology--the most significant advancement in tape storage in the last decade--which utilizes a unique packet architecture to attain unmatched capacity, speed and data restore reliability at an incredibly low price.
Qualstar's tape library families span capacities from 300 gigabytes to 36 terabytes of native (uncompressed) storage capacity, in several popular tape formats, including AIT, DLT, LTO, M2 and VXA.
Industry analysts have beer closely monitoring OEM evaluation of DDS replacement technologies because of the impact their endorsements have on product adoption, and IBM's announcements regarding VXA have been characterized as milestones in the battle to replace DDS.
Compatible with all major operating systems and backup applications, the VXA AutoRak will be available before the end of the year priced under USD3,500.
"VXA reads and writes data in 'packets' allowing Exabyte to achieve a quantum leap forward in tape storage reliability -- especially compared to DDS' dismal reliability record.
Compaq's business desktops and workstations with 16X CD-RW drives and bundled with a Compaq edition of Retrospect Backup are available now while those with VXA Tape drives will be bundled with the software at the end the month.
Exabyte's Kelly Beavers believes that within three to four years, the tape world will be split between LTO and VXA products.