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vis, vice, vise

A spiral staircase generally of stone, whose steps wind around a central shaft or newel; a screw stair.
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Thus, the VYS seems to be critical during organogenesis until final fetal development in rats, and could also be an important source of MSCs.
The VYS was dissected with the aid of a lighted head-mounted magnifying glass and dissociated mechanically, before being filtered through 30-mm sterile filters, and added to a freezing solution (10% DMSO, 60% RPMI-1640, 30% fetal bovine serum); samples were stored in a -70[degrees]C freezer.
Duplicate samples were subjected to flow cytometry (BD FACScalibur; Becton Dickinson, USA) to characterize VYS cells, and to determine mitochondrial activity, DNA ploidy, cell cycle phases, cell proliferation, and caspase-3 activity.