Vaan Fomich Totomiants

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Totomiants, Vaan Fomich


Born 1875; year of death unknown. Russian bourgeois economist.

Totomiants studied at the University of Brussels. In 1899 he contributed to the journal Nachalo, published by the legal Marxists. In 1903–04, Totomiants edited the liberal newspaper Ekonomicheskaia gazeta and headed the economics section of the journal Obrazovanie. During the Revolution of 1905–07 he sided with the Mensheviks and contributed to the authorized Menshevik newspaper Nachalo.

Totomiants subsequently withdrew from political activity. In 1912 he became a lecturer at the University of Moscow, and in 1915 he earned the degree of doctor of political economy and statistics. As a theoretician of the cooperative movement, Totomiants was an adherent of the Nimes school. He emigrated in 1919.


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