Vacuum Casting

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vacuum casting

[′vak·yəm ′kast·iŋ]
Metal casting in a vacuum.
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Vacuum Casting


a casting process in which the cavity in a foundry mold is filled with liquid metal in a vacuum. In this process the metal that is forced into the mold is freed of its gases, resulting in thin-walled, dense, and high-quality castings. Various methods are used in the production of shaped castings by this process: vacuum suction of the metal into a mold that is located above the melt, after which crystallization takes place at atmospheric pressure or increased pressure; vacuum suction of the metal using metallostatic pressure (the mold is placed under the metal); vacuum pressure die casting (on a pressure die-casting machine using evacuated pressure-cast molds), or vacuum-centrifugal casting. Vacuum casting is commonly used in combination with vacuum smelting for the production of shaped castings from special steels and alloys. Depending on the method, the vacuum may be in the range from 40 to 0.3 newtons per sq m (0.3 to 2 × 10-3 mm of mercury).


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Overall, the PCPro process makes a prototype part in just six steps compared to 15 steps for conventional vacuum casting. Himmer was a principal researcher in the development of the process in Germany and is seeking partners among U.S.
Perhaps the most significant attribute of vacuum casting is the opportunity it offers engineers to design new configurations, forms, and structures.
Wytwarzanie wkladek do form wtryskowych z materialow kompozytowych w oparciu o technikq Vacuum Casting (Making of the inserts from resin composite with use of Vacuum Casting technique), MSc work, PUT Poznan
For the production of the functional intake pipe vacuum casting of the two-component resin with the temperature resistance of 135[degrees]C was used.
Ligon owns another permanent mold metalcasting facility in addition to Watry, as well as two vacuum casting facilities, seven hydraulic fluid cylinder makers and a metals fabrication producer.
MCP Tooling Technologies now offers the 5/05, a high-capacity vacuum casting machine that accelerates the production of wax patterns for investment casting.
For vacuum casting, check for loose material in the lower of upper chambers of the casting furnace because the blower and vacuum pumps could ingest some material.