Vacuum Extraction

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Vacuum Extraction


an obstetrical operation for extraction of the fetus with a special apparatus—the vacuum extractor.

Vacuum extraction entered obstetrical practice after construction of apparatus by V. Finderle (1952, Yugoslavia) and T. Malmström (1954, Sweden). In the USSR original vacuum extractors were proposed by K. V. Chachava and P. D. Vashakidze (1957) and A. I. Petchenko and I. P. Demichev (1957). The vacuum extractor consists of a set of small metallic cups (or a rubber cap) of varying sizes joined by a rubber tube to a vacuum apparatus. Removal of the fetus by vacuum extraction is achieved by the exhaustion of air (vacuum), which is done with a special syringe or electrosuction. Vacuum extraction is used when there is weak labor that threatens intrauterine asphyxiation of the fetus and in other cases. Vacuum extractors are also used to stimulate labor.


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Over time, Mr Flanagan has found that virtually any work-piece that can be pulled through a spindle can be unloaded successfully using vacuum extraction. His machine has even been used on heavy-wall tubing applications.
He should not have ordered vacuum extraction because of risk factors including the mother's small stature, her significant weight gain during pregnancy, the use of epidural anesthesia, and induction of labor.
- High-grade wet-dry vacuum extraction systems that capture bugs, eggs and allergy-inducing waste.
* Much lower rates of interventions for intended home births compared to low risk hospital births: Planned home Hospital birth birth Induction of labor (only 2.1 % * 21.0% with oxytocin prostalandins Simulation of labor (only 2.7 % * 18.9% with oxytocin electronic fetal monitoring 9.6% 84.3% Episiolomy 2.1% 33.0% Vacuum Extraction 0.6% 5.5% Cesarean Section 3.7% 19.0% * These numbers differ from the BMI article where for CPMs included form of induction and stimulation only used by midwives and not comparable to hospital births.
Physicians used forceps in 84% of the low-risk deliveries and vacuum extraction in 62% of the deliveries.
The heated sealing drums do not require change-over for different container designs and the new surplus film vacuum extraction gives the potential to reduce film wastage by up to 60% over conventional profile cutting systems and eliminates the need for trim rewind.
Subgaleal hematoma; subaponeurotic hemorrhage; hematoma; infant, newborn; vacuum extraction, obstetrical; disseminated intravascular coagulation.
Vacuum extraction can be safely used for the extraction of the head if it is not possible to deliver it manually.
Priver probably completed residency about the same time I did (1978), when every resident was expected to be proficient in low and mid forceps (and although never sanctioned, some high forceps), Piper forceps, and vacuum extraction. C-sections required a consult from attending staff and were frowned upon when a mid-forcep rotation from OP (occipitoposterior) position to OA (occipitoanterior) position might make an easy delivery But I trained in the military and had a tremendous amount of freedom as well as some super staff teaching me so I was not concerned with the unlikely possibility of a lawsuit.
The line consists of three machines with 17,000-watts of steam production power, Daimer[R]'s ATIS[R] anti bacterial architecture, integrated vacuum extraction and three different power configurations.