Vacuum Extraction

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Vacuum Extraction


an obstetrical operation for extraction of the fetus with a special apparatus—the vacuum extractor.

Vacuum extraction entered obstetrical practice after construction of apparatus by V. Finderle (1952, Yugoslavia) and T. Malmström (1954, Sweden). In the USSR original vacuum extractors were proposed by K. V. Chachava and P. D. Vashakidze (1957) and A. I. Petchenko and I. P. Demichev (1957). The vacuum extractor consists of a set of small metallic cups (or a rubber cap) of varying sizes joined by a rubber tube to a vacuum apparatus. Removal of the fetus by vacuum extraction is achieved by the exhaustion of air (vacuum), which is done with a special syringe or electrosuction. Vacuum extraction is used when there is weak labor that threatens intrauterine asphyxiation of the fetus and in other cases. Vacuum extractors are also used to stimulate labor.


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There were no cases of subdural hematoma among the 16 babies born by elective cesarean section, the 9 born by emergency cesarean section, the 4 delivered by forceps, or the 2 in whom either forceps or vacuum extraction failed, leading to delivery by emergency cesarean section.
26% less likely to give birth by cesarean section -- 41% less likely to give birth with vacuum extraction or forceps -- 28% less likely to use any analgesia or anesthesia and -- 36% less likely to be dissatisfied with or negatively rate their birth experience.
Use of forceps alone increased the risk for facial nerve injury sevenfold, and vacuum extraction alone tripled the risk for intracranial bleeding, compared with spontaneous vaginal delivery (Am.
The chewing gum removal machines include Daimer[R]'s Gum Exterminator[R] subsystem that comes with a two bladed squeegee with vacuum extraction, anti-rust extra dense steel brushes and a proven gum solvent that offers homogeneity for minimal mixing.
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I use the term forceps-deliverable point, as these instruments complement each other and vacuum extraction alone may not get the baby out.
Dynamic Underground Stripping (DUS) & Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE) -- Engineered combinations of steam injection, electrical heating, and vacuum extraction for subsurface remediation.
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