Vacuum Infiltration

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Vacuum Infiltration


a method of studying the action of enzymes in a living plant.

Vacuum infiltration involves injecting solutions of different substances into the leaves. The part of the plant under study is immersed in a solution and the air above it is completely exhausted. As a result, air escapes from the spaces between the cells; after this the solution enters the interstices of the cells under the pressure of the newly released air. This method was used to determine the rate and direction of enzymatic reactions in living tissues. The correlation between the synthesis and breakdown of substances in cells was shown to be a distinguishing characteristic of the species and variety of plant.


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For instance, in 2016, Sakura Finetek introduced "Tissue-Tek VIP 6 AI Vacuum Infiltration Processor" to prepare pathological tissue specimens.
Results indicated that out of four different treatments inoculation of calli with bacterial culture of OD6000.4 through vacuum infiltration at -50 kPa produced maximum number of transgenic plants.
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Fully developed plugs are then transplanted to grow trays that are fitted with a vacuum infiltration lid.
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They are also working on new techniques for inserting fungicide into the vines using a process known as "vacuum infiltration," which would allow them to treat grape cuttings before they are sold.
They eliminate pesticides by combining vacuum infiltration with soap solutions to kill white flies and aphids, two of the most common greenhouse pests.