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the part of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths shorter than light but longer than X-rays; in the range 0.4 × 10--6 and 1 × 10--8 metres


Pertaining to ultraviolet radiation. Abbreviated UV.


(1) See ultraviolet light.

(2) A cloud-based storage locker for licensed content from the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (see DECE). Under the Digital HD brand, purchases of Blu-ray discs with redeemable coupons and purchases of movies and TV shows (not rental) from participating online retailers entitles users to keep their content in the UltraViolet cloud and stream or download it as required.

Depending on the retailer's agreement, content might be sharable with friends and family, and parental access can be applied. A physical disc may also be obtainable. See Digital HD, Blu-ray Combo Pack and media locker.
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Using a hole out-coupling mirror on the Jefferson Lab Ultraviolet Demonstration FEL, we delivered vacuum ultraviolet harmonic light to a calibrated VUV photodiode and measured five nanojoules of fully coherent light in each micropulse," said George Neil, Jefferson Lab associate director for the FEL Division.
As a member of this program, Metrosol will collaborate with experts in SEMATECH's Front End Processes (FEP) and Metrology divisions to develop and demonstrate an inline vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopic reflectometry (VUV-SR)-based platform that will provide the accurate characterization necessary for inline metrology of advanced logic and memory applications for future technology generations.
The vacuum ultraviolet analytical spectrophotometer is suited for wavelength dispersive spectral measurements from 120 to 350 nm (3.