Pap smear

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Pap smear:

see Pap testPap test,
 Pap smear,
or Papanicolaou test
, medical procedure used to detect cancer of the uterine cervix (see uterus). A scraping, brushing, or smear, is taken from the surface of the vagina or cervix and is prepared on a slide and stained for
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In addition to the recording and analysis of vaginal smears, we took photographs (Nikon Coolpix l330[R] Camera) to the vaginal opening of every female to observe changes related to the estrous cycle (Byers et al.
The microscopy of vaginal smears identified cellular elements of inflammation, sometimes by a change to the background microflora.
Validation of a simplified grading of Gram stained vaginal smears for use in genitourinary medicine clinics.
Capewell et al (3) investigated the clinical usefulness of vaginal smears in the diagnosis of atrophy in elderly women and found that inflammation was present in only 44% of smears and that the degree of inflammation was unrelated to clinical symptoms of atrophy or cytologic atrophy.
The vaginal smears were obtained by cotton-tipped applicators and fixed on a slide by 5% alcohol.
Also, our findings of the vaginal smears obtained from group II showed pro-estrous smears which were characterized by rounded, usually nucleated, epithelial cells, generally in low to moderate numbers and even some epithelial cells show early stages of cornification.
Thus, grading the microbial flora seen in Gram-stained vaginal smears, especially the scoring criteria proposed by Nugent et al (6), as an alternative method has become useful as a diagnostic tool.
A study that examined sequential vaginal smears found 2 general patterns of change in the vaginal flora of women without BV.
For the cycling studies, daily vaginal smears were collected from eight adult female rats housed under standard conditions and given tap water containing 2% Tween 80 vehicle as a drinking solution for 30 days to establish baseline controls and confirm that the animals were cycling in a normal fashion.
The reproductive cycle of each animal was monitored by ultrasound examination of the ovaries, vaginal smears, and measurements of blood hormone levels, in order to time the administration of levonorgestrel.