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A tubular instrument for inserting into a passage or cavity of the body to facilitate visual inspection or medication.
An optical instrument reflector of polished metal or of glass with a film of metal.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A speculum is a table constructed in tandem with an astrological chart that records such information as the planets’ declination, right ascension, latitude, etc.

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Although both the antivivisection movement and the outcry against the overuse of the vaginal speculum are often historically located closer to the 1860s, they both emerge as organized opposition to medical practices in the 1840s.
We know that during that period there were vaginal speculums, which are practically the same as the ones we have (now), but representations of them have come down (to us) on very few occasions and never - so far - in the case of a lamp," said Morillo.
Vaginal speculum examinations without stirrups: US clinicians wonder if it will work.
The kit to start a self-help clinic consisted of a cheap plastic vaginal speculum, plastic gloves, sterile lubricant, hand mirror, flashlight, cotton swabs, and cornstarch.
Vaginal speculum examination was done to assess the vaginal capacity and integrity of vaginal mucosa.
Bi-valved vaginal speculum and Deaver retractor were used to dis-impact the rim on three sides.
The vaginoscopic technique for hysteroscopy--sometimes referred to as a no-touch approach--avoids the use of a vaginal speculum and cervical tenaculum.
WASHINGTON -- Gel lubrication to ease the pain of vaginal speculum insertion does not adversely affect the quality or viability of cervical samples, William Griffith, M.
The study included 9,500 women, 20-44 years old, who underwent pelvic examinations involving a vaginal speculum from July 2003 to February 2004 at a rural family planning clinic.
Patients who have had a vaginal speculum examination between April 2000 and November 2003 have been sent a letter explaining the situation and a set of questions and answers.