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Painful vaginal spasm.
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an increased sensitivity of the female external genitalia whereby an attempt at sexual relations results in spasm of the muscle of the pelvic floor and vagina.

Vaginismus generally occurs after a psychological trauma caused by the first clumsy sexual relations and ensuing antipathy toward the male partner, and so forth. It is sometimes due to male impotence and inability to complete the sexual act. In some cases spasm may occur simply at the thought of the possible pain of intercourse. It may be triggered by a careless gynecological examination that frightens the patient. When the fear is allayed (usually by a careful gynecological examination), the vaginismus gradually disappears. In more severe cases systemic restorative treatment combined with psychotherapy may be required.


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"Vaginismus is another 'suffer in silence' topic, especially if a woman is misunderstood and treated for painful intercourse which is something completely different and the investigations and treatments are different.
" class="MsoNormalAfter a full assessment, I agreed with Jane that hers was a case of vaginismus. Treating vaginismus is not easy.
Cases of vaginismus and dyspareunia share similarities that are difficult to differentiate (Ozen et al., 2018).
Participants who were unable to have PVI due to pain, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, pelvic floor dysfunction, anxiety, or other such reasons, which might be termed a combination of physical and psychological reasons, were included in the study.
The avoidance (p=0.015), sensuality (p=0.006), and impotence (p=0.001) scores as well as the general total score (p=0.006) were higher among male patients receiving insulin; as for female patients, insulin use was associated with a lower vaginismus score (p=0.01).
It's been seven whole years since my last real relationship, and I'm still fearful whether my vaginismus will be a constant constraint.
Similarly, academic education (compared to elementary and secondary education), and a history of mental illness were predictors of the occurrence of vaginismus (OR=2.30, 1.23).
Vaginismus is an involuntary contraction of the vagina's muscles, one that prevents penetration during sex.
According to, which lists more than 500 studies of botulinum toxin, the drug is under investigation for a wide variety of medical conditions, including chronic migraine (already Food and Drug Administration approved), alopecia areata, cervical dystonia, ankle osteoarthritis, posterior hip cheek enlargement, keratoconus, psoriasis, vaginismus, restless legs syndrome, tennis elbow, vulvodynia, bruxism, hyperactive esophagus, and depression.
Ten years later, a case study was published on the successful treatment of a female patient (aged 25 years) presenting with vaginismus without physical cause.
Meg Barker in her paper, Bridget Jones'Pants and Vaginismus, raises the question: 'Perhaps the reason for the lack of consideration of gender within existentialist philosophy and therapy is the fact that existentialists do not believe in any natural differences between different groups of human beings, such as men and women' (Barker, 2011: p 204).
FSD includes Sexual Desire Disorders (hypoactive sexual desire disorder, sexual aversion disorder), Female Sexual Arousal Disorder, Female Orgasmic Disorder and Sexual Pain Disorders (dyspareunia, vaginismus).