Vainshtein, Lev

Vainshtein, Lev Al’bertovich


Born Dec. 6, 1920, in Moscow. Soviet physicist. Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (AN SSSR, 1966). Graduated from Moscow State University (1943).

Since 1957, Vainshtein has worked at the Institute of Physical Problems of the AN SSSR. His principal scientific works are in the area of radiophysics, especially the theory of diffusion of radio waves.


Elektromagnitnye voiny. Moscow, 1957.
Difraktsiia elektromagnitnykh i zvukovykh voln na otkrytom kontse volnovoda. Moscow, 1953.
Vydelenie signalov na fone sluchainykh pomekh. Moscow, 1960. (With V. D. Zubakov.)
Teoriia difraktsii i metod faktorizatsii. Moscow, 1966.
Otkrytye rezonatory i otkrytye volnovody. Moscow, 1966.