Vaiont Dam

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Vaiont Dam,

858 ft (262 m) high, on the Vaiont River, a tributary of the Piave River, in Venetia, NE Italy, near Belluno. Vaiont Dam, one of the highest in the world, was completed in 1961 and is used to generate electricity. After heavy rains in 1963, landslides into the Vaiont reservoir caused the stored water to spill over the dam, sweeping away the village of Longarone and flooding nearby hamlets; some 2,000 people drowned.
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The Vaiont Dam Landslide, 1963 is mentioned and has a full page, black and white photo of the slide, 1959 following an earthquake in Montana the side of a mountain fell into the river valley where debris formed what was later named Earthquake Lake.
The strength of this design was tested in Italy, in 1963, when the Vaiont Dam remained basically undamaged after a huge quantity of soil and rock slide into the reservoir, causing water to surge over the top of the dam.