Vajda, Imre

Vajda, Imre


Born July 14, 1900, in Budapest. Hungarian economist, governmental and public figure, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Hungarian People’s Republic, chairman of the Hungarian Society of Economics, and professor at K. Marx University of Economics. Member of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party.

Vajda was educated in Budapest and Vienna. In 1919 he participated in the struggle for the establishment of Soviet power in Hungary. After the defeat of the republic he emigrated to Austria, where he participated in the labor movement. He was repeatedly arrested and imprisoned. After the liberation of Hungary from fascism he was one of the leaders of the left wing of the Social Democratic Party. He was secretary of state of the Ministry of Trade and chairman of the State Planning Administration (1947). Vajda is the author of works on world economics, international division of labor, Hungarian foreign trade, and other subjects.


Nemzetközi kereskedelem. Budapest, 1959.
Problèmes et perspectives du deuxième plan quiquennal en Hungary. Budapest, 1962.
Szocialista külkereskedelem. Budapest, 1963.
Magyarország és a világ kereskedelme. Budapest, 1965.
The Role of Foreign Trade in a Socialist Economy. Budapest, 1965.

M. SAGI (Hungarian People’s Republic)

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