Vaiont Dam

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Vaiont Dam,

858 ft (262 m) high, on the Vaiont River, a tributary of the Piave River, in Venetia, NE Italy, near Belluno. Vaiont Dam, one of the highest in the world, was completed in 1961 and is used to generate electricity. After heavy rains in 1963, landslides into the Vaiont reservoir caused the stored water to spill over the dam, sweeping away the village of Longarone and flooding nearby hamlets; some 2,000 people drowned.
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Italy's Vajont Dam Is both a symbol of engineering success and devastating tragedy.
Of the 30 children who survived the Vajont Dam disaster, Micaela Coletti is the only one willing to talk about that night.
A) Indian Ocean and Tohoku (B) Vajont Dam and Messina (C) Lituya
I REMEMBER THAT many years ago I reviewed here a book about the very Italian tragedy of the collapse of the Vajont dam (Stramalora by G.
a wave containing fifty million cubic meters of water shot out of the Vajont dam because sixty million cubic meters of rock had just crumbled from Mount Toc into the artificial lake formed by the dam.
Even more regrettable is the complete lack of pictures of the Vajont dam and of the stage used by Paolini in the 1997 show.