Vajrayana Buddhism

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Vajrayana Buddhism:

see Tibetan BuddhismTibetan Buddhism,
form of Buddhism prevailing in the Tibet region of China, Bhutan, the state of Sikkim in India, Mongolia, and parts of Siberia and SW China. It has sometimes been called Lamaism, from the name of the Tibetan monks, the lamas [superior ones].
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Vajrayana Buddhism emphasizes the same idea, but in a different way.
Chapter titles encourage the reader toward the writer's Personal History with Vajrayana Tantra Meditation, is an interesting and easy to read, while not so easy to understand if the reader has little awareness of meditation, or Tantra Meditation.
Hevajra is a fierce tantric Buddhist deity first known from one of the major texts of mature Vajrayana Buddhism called the Hevajra-tantra.
El Vajrayana (10) (vehiculo diamantineo o tantrismo (11)) cuyo radio de accion es el Tibet y Mongolia, busca establecer una union del alma individual del universo a traves de rituales esotericos, practicas reveladas en los Tantra o conjunto de textos y el yoga, ritos despojados de todo sentimiento religioso.
This difficult and time-consuming technique was a speciality of the Newar artists based in the ancient metalworking city of Patan, but this Vajradhara--the founder of Vajrayana or Tantric Buddhism--was probably made either in Tibet or for a Tibetan patron.
Su nombre original significa "Verdad suprema", y se regia por los fundamentos del budismo Vajrayana.
Vajrayana and its Doubles: A Critical Historiography, Exposition, and Translation of the Tantric Works of Aryadeva.
Charu Singh plays the orchestrator who brings together otherworldly beings that populate the myths of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism into her first book, Path of the Swan .
En este mismo sentido, deberiamos preguntamos si la religion mayoritaria en Butan (el budismo vajrayana o tantrico) no ha sido una variable crucial para el aparente exito de la Gross Natianal Happiness).
For the sake of comparison, these two poles are reflected in the bipartite conjunction of "wisdom" and "skillful-means" in Vajrayana philosophy.
The palimpsestic nature of Clemente's surfaces is also evidenced by the bits and pieces of words of the most basic Vajrayana vow--a tantric Buddhist mantra--sewn onto fragments of cotton on the exterior of Taking Refuge.
Kagyu Dakshang Chuling Dharma Center - Khenpo Lodro Donyo Rinpoche, Abbot of Bokar Monastery, will teach on "Principles of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism" at 7 p.