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I was thinking of how we, Belarusians, can continue the traditions of Valaam in our monasteries.
Changes in aquatic plant communities on the island of Valaam due to invasion by the muskrat Ondatra zibethicus L.
The first nesting of two pairs of this species on Ladoga Lake was recorded on the islands of the Valaam Archipelago.
(40) Korobov et al., Mediko-sotsial'naia ekspertiza v Rossii, 11-12; Beate Fieseler, " 'La protection sociale totale': Les hospices pour grands mutiles de guerre dans l'Union sovietique des annees 1940," Cahiers du monde russe 49, 2-3 (2008): 419-40; Robert Dale, "The Valaam Myth and the Fate of Leningrad's Disabled Veterans," Russian Review 72, 2 (2013): 260-84.
Hesychast revival brought about by Velichkovsky generated another important process: the formation and flourishing of the highly influential spiritual centers such as the Valaam monastery on the lake Ladoga or the famous hermitage of Optina Pustyn,' which Leo Tolstoy visited in his final days.
"The oldest one in Russia"; the formation of the historiographical image of Valaam Monastery.
The organized effort began with a group of missionaries from the Valaam Monastery in Finland.
During his stay in the country, which will last more than a week, Patriarch Bartholomew will visit many of Russia's Orthodox sites, including the Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra, the most important Russian monastery and spiritual centre, the Valaam Monastery in Karelia, and St.
Born to a Russian mother and British father, Alexander Prior turned to a 15th Century chant from the Russian monastery of Valaam when writing Valesslavitsa.
John the Wonderworker Orthodox Church - The Paschal Matins, sung in the ancient Valaam chant, will begin at 11 a.m.
The five singers of the Valaam Ensemble, from the Valaam Monastery north of St Petersburg, will be giving a concert in Holy Trinity Church, Beauchamp Avenue, Leamington, at 7.30pm.