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see WalachiaWalachia
or Wallachia
, historic region (29,568 sq mi/76,581 sq km), S Romania. The Transylvanian Alps separate it in the NW from Transylvania and the Banat; the Danube separates it from Serbia in the west, Bulgaria in the south, and N Dobruja in the east; in the
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, Wallachia
a former principality of SE Europe: a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire from the 15th century until its union with Moldavia in 1859, subsequently forming present-day Romania
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The comparison of ewe udder morphology traits of Improved Valachian, Tsigai, Lacaune breeds and their crosses.
Characteristics for ewes specific to reproductive cycles Culling for Death health Reproductive cycle rate (1) problems (1) Improved Valachian 1 2.
Purebred populations of Tsigai, Improved Valachian and Lacaune sheep were analyzed.
k] is random effect of flock-test day (k = 1 to 974 for Tsigai, 1 to 1,567 for Improved Valachian and 1 to 96 for Lacaune)
l] is random additive genetic value of individual (l = 1 to 23,724 for Tsigai, 1 to 51,401 for Improved Valachian and 1 to 438 for Lacaune) with a relationship matrix incorporated
li] is random permanent environmental effect common for all test days within lactation for each ewe with data (26,344 levels for Tsigai, 53,681 levels for Improved Valachian and 562 levels for Lacaune)
With Tsigai and Improved Valachian, a research study on estimates of covariance components was previously published (see Oravcova et al.
The distribution of annual genetic and phenotypic changes for 150-day milk yield, fat and protein content for Tsigai and Improved Valachian ewes born in 1995-2003 and Lacaune ewes born in 1997-2003 is given in Tables 2, 3 and 4.
The cumulative phenotypic changes were about 6, 4 and 15 kg for Tsigai, Improved Valachian and Lacaune 150-day milk yield.
With genetic trends, no genetic response was found until 1997 and 1998 for Tsigai and Improved Valachian 150-day milk yield.
The phenotypic values for 150-day milk yield for Tsigai and Improved Valachian were mostly lower than phenotypic values for standardized milk yield reported by Moili and Pilla (1994), Ugarte et al.