Valdis Kalnroze

Kalnroze, Valdis


(pseudonym of V. Rozenberg). Born Jan. 5 (17), 1894, in Kuldiga. Soviet landscape painter. Honored Artist of the Latvian SSR (1963).

Kalnroze studied in Riga at the Latvian Academy of Arts (1927–32) under V. Purvitis. His landscapes (primarily of the rivers and the Baltic seacoast of Latvia) convey spatial depth and are characterized by a distinctive, decorative painting technique; they contain large areas of silvery gray colors. Among Kalnroze’s paintings are Daugava (1935), Autumn Landscape (1942), Sea (1956), and In a River Cove (1957)—all located in the Art Museum of the Latvian SSR in Riga. He also painted Cloudy Day (1962, Directorate of the Art Museums and Exhibitions of the Latvian SSR) and Landscape With River (1966).


Straume, I. Valdis Kalnroze. Riga, 1969. (In Latvian and Russian.)
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