Vale Press

Vale Press,

celebrated British establishment for fine printing. It was one of the presses founded in London in 1896 during the revival of the art and craft of making books. The Vale type and the other types (Avon and King's Fount) used by the Vale Press were designed and the printing of Vale Press books was supervised by the artist Charles Ricketts; the presswork was by the Ballantyne Press. The masterpiece of the Vale Press is The Works of Shakespeare, in 39 volumes (1900–1903). The work of the press, encompassing 45 titles, ended in 1904, and Ricketts then destroyed the types. See also Kelmscott PressKelmscott Press,
printing establishment in London. There William Morris led the 19th-century revival of the art and craft of making books (see arts and crafts). The first book made by the press was The Story of the Glittering Plain (1891), by William Morris.
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; Ashendene PressAshendene Press
, founded in 1895 at Ashendene, Hertfordshire, England, by Sir C. H. St. John Hornby and moved in 1899 to Chelsea, London. It was a leader (with the Kelmscott Press and the Doves Press) in the 19th-century revival of fine English printing.
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; Doves PressDoves Press
, one of the leaders in the revival of the art and craft of making books that occurred in the late 19th and early 20th cent. It was founded at Hammersmith, London, in 1900 by T. J.
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Byline: JON VALE Press Association
The Vale press corps proclaimed Coventry to be the best side by far they had seen this season, including Wolves who had done them 3-1 a few weeks earlier.
While Vale is analysing a possible sale of its 31 per cent stake in Log-in, no decision has been made, a Vale press officer, who can't be named under corporate policy, said by telephone from Rio de Janeiro.
Port Vale press of-ficer Jo Lumani offered a more reasoned response, saying the picture had been digitally altered.
Contact: Vale Press Office Monica Ferreira Tel: +55-21-3814-4360 Fatima Cristina Tel: +55-21-3814-3168
The Vale Press: Charles Ricketts, a Publisher in Earnest.
French Impressionism and the Arts and Crafts movement intersect again in Lucien's decade-long association with Charles Ricketts--artist, wood engraver, book designer (he designed all but one of Oscar Wilde's books for Osgood, McIlvaine & Co.), publisher of the Dial, and founder of his own private press, the Vale Press. A letter of introduction from Felix Feneon brought the two together, immediately upon Lucien's arrival in England in 1890, and Ricketts quickly became a major influence and support.
Byline: Jon Vale Press Association reporter
Like Charles Ricketts, who consigned the punches and matrices of the Vale Press to the River Thames in 1903, Cobden-Sanderson gradually disposed of the Doves type in the same watery grave.
Evans' crucial score came as Vale pressed inside the visitors' 22 and the ball was driven through to the line for him to win the race for the touchdown.
Formartine boss Pele (below) said: "Vale pressed us from the off and we missed chances.
Kevin McDonald and Robinson had been guilty of not getting an earlier equaliser as the Vale pressed the Vics for most of the first period.