Valeev, Akram

Valeev, Akram Mukharramovich


Born July 28, 1908, in the village of Ablai; died Mar. 19, 1963, in Ufa. Soviet Bashkir writer. Member of the CPSU from 1944.

Valeev was born into a peasant family. He graduated from a pedagogical institute and in 1928 began to publish his writings. The basic theme of the collections of poems Strength (1931), Bashkiria, Of Thee I Sing! (1932), and Stop, Who Goes? (1935) is the radical changes in the way of life of the Bashkir people. He wrote the collections of short stories and sketches Notes of a Far Easterner (1935), To Us (1937), and / Am From the Far East (1940). In his novel First Steps (1952) he portrays the creation of the Soviet Bashkir intelligentsia. The novels May Rain (1959) and The Sweetbriar Blossom (1963) depict the kolkhoz peasants’ struggle to improve agriculture.


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