Valentin Vodnik

Vodnik, Valentin


Born Feb. 3, 1758, in Zgornja-Šiška; died Jan. 8, 1819, in Ljubljana. Slovene poet. A figure in the national renaissance; educator.

Vodnik received a theological education. He was the editor and only writer of the first Slovenian newspaper, Lublanske novice od vsich krajov cqliga svgjta (1797-1800). He was a reformer of school education, and he compiled a grammar book and a dictionary. In 1781 he also began to publish poems. His collection Experiments in Verse (1806) contained the first Slovene verses written in the lively national language. Vodnik aroused a feeling of national selfconsciousness through his reconstruction of episodes of folk history (the ode Resurrected Illyria, 1811) and his treatment of humorous, everyday subjects.


Pesni. Ljubljana, 1869.
In Russian translation:
” Vliublennaia Militsa.” In the book Poeziia slavian. Edited by N. V. Gerbel’j. St. Petersburg, 1871.


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