Valeriu Emil Galan

Galan, Valeriu Emil


Born Feb. 15, 1921, in Săveni. Rumanian author.

Galan’s first novel, Dawn of Slaves (1950), is devoted to the peasant uprising of 1907. New socialist relations in the Rumanian village are portrayed in the novel Bărăgan (vols. 1-2, 1954-59). The collection of short stories After the Flood appeared in 1958. The play My Girl Friend Pix (staged in 1961, published in 1963) touches on the problem of establishing a socialist consciousness. Galan also wrote the novels Constellation of Alienation (1966) and Steps of the Eastern Queen (1970).


Calul lui Moş Eftimie. Bucharest, 1950.
Memoriile agentului electoral Teică Pasăre. Bucharest, 1950.
In Russian translation:
Potop. (Introduction by R. Lupan.) Bucharest, 1960.


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