Valiesar Treaty of 1658

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Valiesar Treaty of 1658


an armistice treaty between Russia and Sweden.

The Valiesar Treaty was signed on December 20 in the village of Valiesar (near Narva) at the conclusion of the Russo-Swedish War of 1656-58. The Russian delegation was headed by A. L. Ordin-Nashchokin. Under the treaty, the Estonian and Livonian cities of Kokenhusen (Koknese), Iur’ev (Dorpat, or Tartu), Marienburg (Aluksne), and Syrensk (Vasknarva), which were occupied by Russian troops, were to remain under Russian domination for the duration of the armistice (three years). Trade relations between Russia and the Swedish territories were reestablished, and both sides freed their prisoners.

The Valiesar Treaty was a major success for Russian diplomacy. Later, as a result of the deterioration of the international situation, the Russian government was forced by the Kardis Peace Treaty of 1661 to cede the Baltic cities to Sweden and agree to the restoration of the boundaries established by the Stolbovo Peace Treaty of 1617.

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