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see VlorëVlorë
or Valona
, city (1989 pop. 71,662), capital of Vlorë dist., SW Albania, on Vlorë Bay of the Adriatic Sea. Vlorë is a major seaport and a commercial center. Its industries produce olive oil, cement, and alcohol.
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, Albania.
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Simply because of the lion for which it is said that is not an ethnic element of the Albanians even if it has been used in the past symbols of Tirana, Valona and Durres but we forget that it is not a Macedonian symbol either.
Finally, according to the Pact of London, Italy, which had hesitated to join the Allies, was offered an attractive bait: the right to annex Trentino, Trieste Dalmatia, numerous Adriatic islands, Valona, many islands near Asia Minor, a large slice of Asiatic Turkey and an indefinite claim to territorial acquisitions in Africa.
The non-governmental organization Wake Up unloaded 25 parcels of Albanian flags at the monument to Hasan Prishtina in Skopje to be distributed to all Albanians homes in Skopje so a message and greetings are sent to Valona, Tirana and Prishtina on the day of the Albanian flag.
The second largest harbor in Albania is Valona that transports 20-30 percent of goods and services.
In 1638, the Venetians attacked a combined Algerian Tunisian fleet in the battle of Valona and sank sixteen galleys, inflicting a severe blow to the credibility of the pirates' legendary commander, the Italian renegade Ali Bitshnin.
Hotel employees James Valona and Graham Adams were awarded Outstanding Manager of The Year and Outstanding Lodging Employee of The Year by the American Hotel and Lodging Association, respectively.
Of strategic relevance, according to Karakutovski, is Macedonia's connection to Albania from Struga to Kjafasan whereby a possibility is created for using the ports in Durres and Valona.
They also agreed that the meetings in the spirit of the Summit in Valona in July attended by the presidents of Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania should continue.
Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, and Kosovo sign Memorandum of Cooperation in Valona, Albania.
Postcards show the Selby Smelting Lead and Refining Company, the Carquinez Bridge and its construction, Vallejo Junction, town residents, the California and Hawaiian Sugar Refining Company (C&H Sugar), the Town of Valona (which was later incorporated into Crockett), the town's business district and other buildings, Porta Costa and its wharf community, and events and festivals.
Misero Manzanares, no te basta todo el ano sufrir tanta fregona, tanto lacayo y paje de valona, tanta ropa servil, tanta canasta?