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Vamperotica was the lead comic book series from Brainstorm Comics, a company created in the early 1990s by graphic artist and writer Kirk Lindo. Brainstorm was one of several independent comics companies that thrived in the 1990s by adopting the vampire as a major element in its products. In its first issue in 1994, Vamperotica introduced the world to Luxura, an ancient vampire who resided in a vast underground complex somewhere in America. The sexy buxom Luxura was tall with long talon-like fingers and a head of luxurious black hair, her most distinguishing trait. She dressed in a scanty outfit punctuated by knee-high boots and gold bracelets and shoulder and knee ornaments.

As a leading member of the Kith, she worked to maintain the Kith community’s three edicts: sustain the blood source (mortals); regulate the Kith; and maintain discretion. She had to deal with unruly Kith, especially young vampires who sought to gain power quickly by taking some (or all) of her blood. Her primary antagonist was Pontius Vanthor, a former lover who has become the major challenge to the traditional structure of the Kith community. He argued for the Red Reign, calling upon vampires to come out of hiding and take over the world. Under the Red Reign, mortals would be herded in a manner similar to cattle.

Luxura was installed as the main character in Vamperotica which often included other vampire stories. Successful for a decade, the comic supported a variety of spinoff issues featuring Luxura and the development of several new vampire titles, most notably Bethany the Vampfire, written and drawn by Holly Golighty (a.k.a. Fauve). After what appeared to be a successful run through the late 1970s, Brainstorm ran into financial problems early in the new century. The quality of its productions suffered and its last issues appeared in 2004.


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