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Cliburn, Van


(full name Harvey Lavan Cliburn, Jr.). Born July 12, 1934, in Shreveport, La. American pianist.

In 1954, Cliburn graduated from the Juilliard School of Music, where he had been a student of R. Lhevinne. He won first prize at the International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow in 1958. Cliburn’s success in Moscow brought him world renown. His several concert tours in the USSR were triumphant. Cliburn’s playing is noted for spontaneity, straightforwardness, lyricism, exultant sound, and impetuous dynamism. The most interesting pieces in his repertoire are Rachmaninoff’s Concerto No. 3, Tchaikovsky’s Concerto No. 1, and Liszt’s Rhapsody No. 12. He also plays sonatas of Beethoven, Prokofiev, Liszt, and S. Barber, as well as the early compositions of A. N. Scriabin.


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The Van Cliburn International Piano Competition is arguably the worlds finest, said Richard Gipson, director of the TCU School of Music.
Sunwoo Yekwon became the first Korean to win the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in June.
A native of California, Nakamatsu came to international attention in 1997 when he was named Gold Medalist of the Tenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, the only American to have achieved this distinction since 1981.
It's an easy call--just check out the musical archives of Van Cliburn, who became synonymous with the saber-rattling U.
The Anchorage Symphony Orchestra's Opening Night is Saturday, September 24, and will feature Van Cliburn Piano Competition Finalist, Fei Fei Dong and "new perspectives as three composers set out on uncharted paths to redefine the music of their time.
From world-renowned photographer Bruce Weber, who Rosen met at his first job when they were both "unknowns," to Van Cliburn, who generously encouraged Rosen's musical efforts, to the five Fendi sisters, who taught him the very essence of patience and perfection in executing a fragrance launch extraordinaire, there's a story to entice everyone.
Apart from receiving awards in Georgia, the pianist has also won numerous international piano competitions such as Van Cliburn Competition (USA), Vianna da Motta (Lisbon), Axa International Piano Competition (Dublin), Marguerite Long Competition -- "special prize" for the best interpretation of French music (Paris).
Not only has she won numerous international piano competitions such as Van Cliburn Competition (USA), Vianna da Motta (Lisbon), Axa International Piano Competition (Dublin), and Marguerite Long Competition -- special prize for the best interpretation of French music (Paris), Bolkvadze travels the world to play with international orchestras such as Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Santa Fe Festival Orchestra, Lithuanian National Orchestra, National Philharmonic of Ukraine, Innsbruck Symphony Orchestra, The Gewandhaus Orchestra, France National Orchestra, Houston Symphony Orchestra, Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, and St.
I remember as if it were yesterday tearing open the cardboard packaging and withdrawing the LP with its black-and-white cover photo of Van Cliburn hunched over the piano.
Many children think that happiness is a warm, frisky, brighteyed and bushytailed puppybut Van Cliburn Carlo Urbina couldn't have disagreed with them more.
com/2014/06/ansel-elgort-fault-in-our-stars-van-cliburn-movie/) Deadline reported late in June that Elgort is set to play Van Cliburn, a worldwide recognised pianist.
The embassy further reported that the noted pianist Van Cliburn had agreed to perform concerts on July 3 and 4, just a matter of days away.