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salts of vanadic acids; also derivatives of vanadium pentoxide, V205. Vanadic acids themselves have not been produced in the free state. Vanadates are formed when V205 is dissolved in alkalies:

V2O5 + 2NaOH = 2NaVO3 + H2O

Vanadates are important in the manufacture of vanadium [it is isolated from a solution such as Ca(V03)2 and NH4VO3]. They are used in the textile industry as a mordant in dyeing cotton cloth and for fixing aniline on silk.

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In any condition of partial pressure of oxygen and sodium oxide activity (basicity), it will form nonprotective corrosion products of iron oxides or iron vanadates. Furthermore, in normal operation conditions of oil-fired power stations, Cr always form chromium vanadates nonprotective, and only in conditions of low partial pressure of oxygen and low basicity, the chromium oxide will be stable.
XRD results evidence the formation of these metallic vanadates. Table 2 presents the melting points of the metallic vanadates formed during the dissolution of the corresponding metallic oxides in presence of NaV[O.sub.3].
Pyrobelonite is an orthorhombic lead and manganese vanadate, the analog of descloizite in which manganese substitutes for zinc, originally described from Langban, Sweden.
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Recently vanadates have attracted much attention because of their rich structural chemistry which easily adapts to various structural forms like tetrahedral, square-pyramidal, and octahedral coordination environments in various oxidation states.