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(vĕ`nərn), lake, c.2,145 sq mi (5,560 sq km), SW Sweden, fed by the Klarälven and drained by the Götaälv SW into the Kattegat. It is the largest lake in Sweden and the third largest in Europe. The deep lake, traversed by the Göta Canal, accommodates small oceangoing vessels. There are vast stands of forest north of the lake; pulp and paper mills line the shore. Karlstad is the principal city on the lake.
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a lake in southern Sweden. Area, 5,500 sq km (the third largest in Europe after Lakes Ladoga and Onega). Length, approximately 140 km; maximum width, 80 km. Maximum depth, 100 m ; elevation, 44 m above sea level. Area of the water basin, approximately 48,000 sq km.

Vänern occupies a tectonic depression—a graben deepened by Pleistocene glaciers and bordered in some areas by fractures and faults. Its shoreline is mainly low and much indented. The lake has many islands. The variations in the level are not considerable and are gradual because of the diversification of the floodwaters of the tributaries flowing into the lake from the north and south and also as a result of the regulation of the flow by a dam. The lake freezes up in December or January and thaws at the end of April. However the ice cover is not firm. More than 30 rivers flow into the lake, the largest being Klarälven. The Göta älv flows out of the lake into the Kattegat. Vänern is part of the inland waterway joining Stockholm and Göteborg, known usually as the Göta Canal. There is navigation throughout the lake; the main ports are Karlstad in the north, Mariestad in the east, and Vänersborg in the southwest.

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staphylinus clade II consisted of the parthenogenetic population from Paajarvi and the dioecious population from Vanern. The most frequent haplotype 1 in the haplotype network belonged to the parthenogenetic population.
Lake Peipsi differs from other large European lakes (Vanern and Mittern), the water of which belongs mainly to Clear type (Reinart et al., 2004).
Between Bohuslan and Vanern, Sweden's largest lake, is Dalsland and Tangelanda from tange spike or tang, pointing to Tongland in Dumfries & Galloway.
The Commission's conclusion was that Sweden had failed to designate agricultural areas close to certain important lakes (Vanern, Vattern, Hjalmaren and Malaren).
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Dalsland Province is a small area to the west of lake Vanern, Sweden's largest lake.
The newly-opened Princess Victoria Huset is on the banks of Lake Vanern next to Lacko Castle.
Her uncle Ashock Hindocha told how her parents Vinod and Nilam led the tributes as they scattered the ashes in Lake Vanern, near Mariestad in Sweden.
The paper quoted her uncle Ashok Hindocha as saying that her ashes were scattered out on Lake Vanern, next to Mariestad where Anni was born and where she spent her childhood.
1), with its surface area of 3555 [km.sup.2], is the fourth largest inland body of water in Europe after Ladoga (18 135 [km.sup.2]) and Onega (9700 [km.sup.2]) in Russia and Vanern (5650 [km.sup.2]) in Sweden.