Variable Section

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Variable Section


an elongated metal product whose cross section varies continuously or in steps along its length. Sections with continuously variable cross sections are produced mainly by continuously varying the distance between the rolls while rolling. Sections with stepwise variable cross sections are produced mainly by pressing, or extrusion, through a die. In order to obtain sections with variable external dimensions, the dies are changed during the pressing process. Hollow sections with variable internal dimensions are produced by changing the position of a stepped pin (mandrel) within the die. A variable section can also be obtained by stamping separate portions of an elongated profile of constant cross section. Variable sections are used for the production of cantilever structures and of welded or riveted structures when thicker material is required to achieve joints of equal strength.


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It should be noted that all these works study the stress-strain state, durability and strength frame structures of variable section, but, unfortunately, the results of all the studies have not been definitively formulated the calculation method for thin-walled elements with action the compression of the bend.
Some specific subjects are finite element analysis of a concrete-filled rectangular tubular frame, in-plane stability bearing capacity of a variable section column, free vibration of a shallow-spherical shell, strain measuring techniques for the geogrid, and prevention of cracks in brick masonry.
The use of electric drives greatly reduces the reaction time of the meter during sectional control and enables compensation for variable section size.
"Human Experiences as Promising Lines of Investigation of Mind-Brain Relationship" is the fourth major section: It is a very variable section and possibly could just as easily been called "Survival." It is generally well done.
Additionally the GT70 lets users choose from among five keyboard backlighting scenarios--Normal, Gaming, Wave, Breathing, and Dual Color, that can be used in coordination with variable section lighting, and seven colors offering over 1,000 variations.
Variable selling and administrative costs, the next set of variable costs, are found in the variable section of the Selling and Administrative (S&A) Budget (Figure 4, April 2010).
The seven vertical protrusions with variable section are the rotor's blades and they are also symmetrical in relation to the axis of the rotor.
Mike Simonsen, one of the world's leading variable star observers, is development director for the AAVSO and heads its Cataclysmic Variable Section, Chart Team, and Mentor Program.
The KS Kolbenschmidt answer is a variable section cooling passage which gives enhanced cooling effect at the bowl lip and the top groove via improved material distribution compared with conventional cooling galleries.
The throttle itself consists of a fixed section together with a variable section, where the axis of rotation is the direction of extrusion.
Advanced Sweeps * Variable section sweeps * Pivot direction VSS * Swept blends
Frame components include integral ROPS provisions, integral front bumper, rear tubular cross members, continuous frame rail beam with variable section, steel castings in critical stress transition zones, and rugged continuous horse collar.

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