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Variety Show


a type of theater whose productions combine various theatrical genres, music, stage, and circus arts.

The term derives from the Varieté Theater, founded in Paris in 1720. The productions staged by variety show theaters are primarily light and diverting in nature. They are characterized by comedy elements, irony, and parody. Included in the programs of variety shows are one-act plays, individual scenes, and performances by singers, reciters, dancers, musicians, acrobats, jugglers, and conjurers.


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'Mimi Shop' is JTBC4's beauty variety show headlined by 2NE1's Sandara Park, H.O.T's Tony Ahn, actress Shin So-Yul, model Kim Jin-kyung, and rapper Cheetah.
We're also thankful for the requests to see BLACKPINK appear on variety shows and the producing of 'BLACKPINK TV.' In order to repay fans' support of BLACKPINK we are carefully considering variety appearances," the source told ( Star News (via ( Soompi ).
One of the earliest variety shows in China was the weekend family show Zhengda Variety Show (zhengda zongyi) which debuted on China Central Television (CCTV) in 1990.
People always tell us they wish there were more live variety shows around the UK."
Sitting in a caf just yards from the Liverpool Empire, which will be staging Ricky Tomlinson's Royle Variety Show on September 20, he is reflecting on his non-stop lifestyle and why he is more than happy to keep on keeping on.
As a producer on the daytime variety show "It's OK to Laugh" (Waratte Ii Tomo), Arai developed segments featuring amateurs that helped dig the show out of the ratings doldrums--and into the record books.
Not wanting to take it away from the young lad but was it really good enough for the Royal Variety Show?
O'Connor has worked with all the greats including several Royal Variety shows - seven or eight, he recalls, with uncharacteristic vagueness.
Bakusho Mondai, the first prize winner from the TV variety show category, was commended for the two members' vitality as they ''have not lost their vigor at all'' in their performances since their debut more than 10 years ago.
However, few realize that the choreographer who took classical ballet to new heights also had his hand in twenty Broadway shows, at least four Hollywood films, three French vaudeville and operetta productions, four British revues and variety shows, and an elephant ballet for the circus.
But then, as variety shows fell from favour and cabaret clubs closed down, Duncan's earnings began to slump.
It has used big bucks to woo away the most popular entertainers from upstart channels that have won viewers and advertisers in recent months with a steady diet of racy soaps, and variety shows featuring a dominatrix quiz-show hostess and victims of physical deformities or unimaginable brutality.