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Variety Show


a type of theater whose productions combine various theatrical genres, music, stage, and circus arts.

The term derives from the Varieté Theater, founded in Paris in 1720. The productions staged by variety show theaters are primarily light and diverting in nature. They are characterized by comedy elements, irony, and parody. Included in the programs of variety shows are one-act plays, individual scenes, and performances by singers, reciters, dancers, musicians, acrobats, jugglers, and conjurers.


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We're also thankful for the requests to see BLACKPINK appear on variety shows and the producing of 'BLACKPINK TV.
One of the earliest variety shows in China was the weekend family show Zhengda Variety Show (zhengda zongyi) which debuted on China Central Television (CCTV) in 1990.
Sitting in a caf just yards from the Liverpool Empire, which will be staging Ricky Tomlinson's Royle Variety Show on September 20, he is reflecting on his non-stop lifestyle and why he is more than happy to keep on keeping on.
This was evident when we put on our latest variety show St Mary's Young Stars, compered by another local celebrity Caroline Cooper.
Duncan was such a hit on the ITV variety show Saturday Royal that his one planned appearance had to be extended to the rest of the series.
The midday variety shows are still going on with Brian now working with comedian, actor and writer Malcolm Stent.
Nonetheless, dramas and variety shows regularly draw the highest ratings among regularly skedded programs and generate outstanding revenues from various sources.
Previous Royal Variety Shows outside London have been held in Birmingham, Edinburgh and Cardiff.
At the same time that he was animating television's variety shows, Gennaro was imprinting on a generation his own high standards of choreographic invention and crisp performance.