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Variety Show


a type of theater whose productions combine various theatrical genres, music, stage, and circus arts.

The term derives from the Varieté Theater, founded in Paris in 1720. The productions staged by variety show theaters are primarily light and diverting in nature. They are characterized by comedy elements, irony, and parody. Included in the programs of variety shows are one-act plays, individual scenes, and performances by singers, reciters, dancers, musicians, acrobats, jugglers, and conjurers.


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What is presented in the Nighttown episode is not just an expressionist drama but a film treatment, exploiting to the full the magic tricks and special effects, including facial distortions and costume changes, that were the stock-in-trade of the early cinema and contemporary variety theatre.
He said: "It is probably the greatest variety theatre in the world.
Or that one of the nearby Variety theatres, the Palace Music Hall, had opened as the Royal English Opera House in 1891, only to succumb to the vogue for variety and 'nude' (or bodystockinged) tableaux vivants, helped along perhaps by the abject failure of its flagship first production: Sullivan's misconceived tragic opera, Ivanhoe.
Britain Had Talent offers significantly more than the history of British variety theatre to which its subtitle refers.
But as it recalls all the big acts that played there - from international stars including Harry Houdini, Laurel and Hardy and Roy Rogers and Trigger to the likes of Roy Hudd, Morecambe and Wise and Des O'Connor (who famously fainted on stage) this doubles up as a history of variety theatre as well.
I'm sure there is nothing to add from the gs reat variety theatre in the sky.
Due to a fire in 1875, it was refurbished and renamed The Scotia Variety Theatre.
Don't think I am a pipe dreamer, but I would love some businessman to become interested in converting the old Odeon in Pilgrim Street, Newcastle, into a variety theatre.
He was called Will rather than William or Bill, but at a time when the variety theatre was still considered "not quite nice" he protected his family by using his second Christian name as his surname.
Charlie was one of the survivors of the great days of Scottish variety theatre.
James Ross Moore places in context a wide range of musical theatre and its performers from Chu Chin Chow to the Ballets Russes, the growth of variety theatre, and the parallel growth of the intimate review as an influential source of political and social comment.
Hotel "Metropol" invites to respectable night shows staged in its wonderful variety theatre (tel.