Varna District

Varna District


An Administrative-Territorial Unit In Northeastern Bulgaria. Area, 3,900 Sq Km; Population, 338,000 (1968). Administrative Center: Varna.

Most of the district is located on the Kamchiia lowland, which is bounded in the north by the Franga plateau, with elevations of up to 378 m (the southern part of the Dobrudzha), in the west by the Provadiiska plateau, in the south by the eastern spurs of the Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains)-Kamchiiska Planina, and in the east by the Gulf of Varna of the Black Sea. Rivers include the Kamchiia and Provadiiska; there are large karsk springs (Devnia). About one-third of the district is covered with deciduous forest, mainly in the south.

Varna District combines well-developed industry with intensive agriculture; its transportation and resort enterprises are significant for all of Bulgaria, as well as internationally. The major branches of industry are machine building (ships and engines), chemicals (production of soda, chlorine, and plastics), cement, glass, cotton textiles, and food (sugar, canning, and wines). The district has a considerable power base. The port industry of Varna plays an important role in its economy. A new coal-shipping port has been built on the shores of Lake Varna, and the Varna-West seaport has been built on the shores of Lake Beloslav, which has an exit to the sea. The industrial centers are Varna and Devnia.

The agriculture of the district is represented by wheat, corn, sunflower, and sugar-beet crops, viticulture, fruit growing, and sheep and swine raising. The district is a center of international tourism. Golden Sands and Friendship resorts, which have grown up in the years of people’s rule, are widely known.


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Gabernitsa, 1200m long, Vetrino Municipality, Varna District To ensure the normal and safe flow of average and maximum water quantities in the light section of the river bed and to prevent the risk of disasters, the following should be done: - felling and grubbing of large trees and shrubs, including cutting, loading and transporting and transporting a depot or warehouse; - mechanized excavation with a dump excavator with an average depth of up to 2.50 m and a width of up to 8.00 m and manual excavation of terrestrial soils, including discharge up to 3.00 m vertically and up to 3.00 m horizontal distance
The remaining eleven cities with increased number of inhabitants are in Blagoevgrad region - Bansko, Varna district - the district center, Veliko Tarnovo region - again the district center, Pernik region - Trun, Silistra region - Dulovo, Sliven district - Tvarditsa, region Sofia-city - capital , Sofia district - Bozhurishte, Stara Zagora - Kazanlak district, Targovishte district - the district center and Yambol district - Bolyarovo.
"The procedure of Michael Shields' transfer was completed," Varna district court spokeswoman Elena Bangieva said by telephone.
"The procedure of transfer was completed," Varna district court spokeswoman Elena Bangieva said.
He was back in Varna district court for the first step of the appeal process alongside his parents and two sisters for the hourlong session.
Varna district court has ordered Shields and Wilson to be held in custody pending trial.
Tenders are invited for "Construction of an outdoor playground in a sports ground in the municipality of Vetrino" The project envisages the construction of an open multifunctional sports playground in a sports ground in RLE III, sq.63, Vetrino, Vetrino municipality, Varna district.
It is then Varna District, where the value of the services in the value added is 69%, and the added value of the services is over 8,320 BGN per person.
Today he was back in Varna district court alongside his parents and two sisters for an hour-long appeal hearing.
He met yesterday with the governor of the Varna district, Petar Kandilarov , and is hoping to meet both Mr Shields and his legal team today.
Prior to the opening of the hunting season of small feathered game - quail, turtles, mushrooms, forest snipe and common snipe, the Deputy Minister took part in the briefing of hunters in the land of Banovo village, Suvorovo municipality, Varna district. He wished all the hunters and the health of them and their families, emphasizing that the most important thing is to protect human life, so hunters should not forget that safety comes first - theirs, their colleagues and those around them.
The forced vacation continues in Varna District, where there are no classes in 122 institutions.