Vartanes Papazian

Papazian, Vartanes


Born Apr. 13 (25), 1866, in Van, Turkey; died Apr. 26, 1920, in Yerevan. Armenian writer.

Papazian, who began publishing in 1883, graduated from the Echmiadzin Theological Seminary. In 1894 he graduated from the University of Geneva. His work is marked by realistic description, found in his numerous short stories about the life of the western Armenians in sultan-ruled Turkey and in his novellas and novels Khat-Saba (1890), Anna (1894), The Insurgent and Emma (both 1897), and The Ruler of the World and The Fire-Bearer (both 1904). Papazian also wrote criticism and articles on public affairs. His History of Armenian Literature (1916) defended the realistic democratic tradition in Armenian literature.


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