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The Vasari Corridor runs across the Ponte Vecchio linking Palazzo Pitti with the Uffizi
This acquisition is in line with Vasaris wider strategy to build an alcohol beverage group across African and Asian emerging and frontier markets.
Vasari Energy's diverse product line includes options for a wide-range of applications.
The creation of inventory lists, the planning of display areas, and the creation of themes and stories related to the artwork all link Vasari to modern day practices.
She also suggests that Vasari may have "settled his scores," using his Vite to claim the final word on a group of "insiders" who excluded him.
Giorgio Vasari, Lives of the Painters, Sculptors and Architects, trans.
Dolce, nao apenas e um adepto do ut pictura poesis--doutrina defendida de modo veemente em seu dialogo--como tambem usufruiu de elementos retoricos em seu Aretino, tanto quanto Vasari.
For centuries there was speculation that Vasari may have preserved the great artist's work by building a false wall on which he painted his own battle scene.
MEDICAL-STYLE PROBE Researchers used tiny, medical-style endoscopic probes and other high-tech tools inserted through existing cracks in the outer wall holding the Vasari fresco and took samples of substances.
Vasari once said, 'Every painter paints his own portrait well'.
For example, in his discussion of Bandinelli--for Vasari, not only an antihero but an antichrist in contrast to the "divine" Michelangelo, savior of the arts--Ladis points to Giotto's Vices in the Atena Chapel to suggest the depth of tradition on which both Giotto and Vasari relied.