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And yet, if my own observation of the Major were to be trusted, the way to the clew of which I was in search lay, directly or indirectly, through the broken vase.
And again, the broken vase had once stood on the book-case.
He knows how I hate her flowers, and he put her nosegay in the vase out of my way.
It was now so nearly sunset that the chamber had grown duskier than ever; but a mild and moonlike splendor gleamed from within the vase, and rested alike on the four guests and on the doctor's venerable figure.
As they struggled to and fro, the table was overturned, and the vase dashed into a thousand fragments.
Heidegger, who sat in his carved arm-chair, holding the rose of half a century, which he had rescued from among the fragments of the shattered vase.
Even while the party were looking at it, the flower continued to shrivel up, till it became as dry and fragile as when the doctor had first thrown it into the vase.
The huge vase swayed backwards and forwards; it seemed to be uncertain whether or no to topple over on to the head of one of the old men, but eventually determined to go the other way, and came crashing over towards the German poet, who darted out of the way in terror.
A wretched vase smashed, and a man half dead with remorse about it," said Lizabetha Prokofievna, loudly.
Do you forgive me all--ALL, besides the vase, I mean?
You've done nothing but break a vase, and give us all a fright.
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