Vasile Pârvan

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Pârvan, Vasile


Born Oct. 10, 1882, in Huruieşti, Bacău; died June 26, 1927, in Bucharest. Rumanian historian and archaeologist. Professor at the University of Bucharest (from 1909). Academician of the Rumanian Academy (1913).

Pârvan studied problems dealing with the origins of the Rumanian people and conducted archaeological excavations in Rumania at Ulmetum, Callatis, Tomis, and Istria. He was the author of many studies on the history and archaeology of Rumania. His principal work, Getica: The Protohistory of Dacia (1926), provided a synthesis of information on the history of the Dacians from the first millennium B.C. to the beginning of the second century A.D.


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