Vasilii Zuev

Zuev, Vasilii Fedorovich


Born Jan. 1 (12), 1754; died Jan. 7(18), 1794. Russian naturalist and traveler; academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1779).

Zuev participated in the academy’s expeditions (1768–74) under the command of P. S. Pallas. In 1781–82 he traveled to the region of the Bug and lower Dnestr rivers, which he described in the book Travel Notes From St. Petersburg to Kherson in 1781 and 1782 (1787). He wrote a number of works on zoology, chiefly on the taxonomy offish. Zuev was the author of the first Russian manual on natural science, Outline of Natural History (parts 1–2, 1786).


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