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Anatomy zoology a vessel, duct, or tube that carries a fluid



a megye (district) in western Hungary. Area, 3,300 sq km; population, 276,000 (1968). Administrative center, Szombathely.

The surface of Vas is a hilly plain (elevations to 200-250 m), which gives way in the west to the wooded foothills of the Alps. The Raba River and its tributaries run through Vas. Annual precipitation is 650-850 mm. Brown forest soils predominate.

The basis of the economy is agriculture, which employs 44.3 percent of the population; industry employs 18.3 percent (1966). Arable land makes up 55.5 percent of the area, forested land 21.8 percent, meadows and pastures (primarily the valley of the Rába River) 13.2 percent, and orchards and vineyards 2.4 percent (1961). Rye, oats, and barley are raised; the proportion of feed and technical crops (sugar beets and flax) is substantial. There is livestock raising (cattle and swine; Vas has the greatest density of cattle per unit of cultivated land in the country). Textiles and clothing (Szombathely, Kőszeg, Szentgotthárd, and Sárvár) and the food and condiments industry (milling, distilling, starch, sugar, and dairy) are the main branches of industry.

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My hope is that this conference will lead to collaboration among citizens about how best to create and distribute the economic benefits of technology innovation so that all citizens have maximum opportunity for economic success and prosperity," Vass stated.
This was the salient point Sri Lanka parliamentarian de Vass Gunawardena stressed in Washington, a point the foreign policy handlers in Sri Lanka should have been stressing over and over again on the American soil.
The increase in VAS revenues can also be attributed to the continued growth in subscriber numbers in the emerging markets and the push from operators to deliver relevant mobile services.
If an oil company says they need to survey for a pipeline, they meet with a mission planner to lay out that mission," Vass says.
Rozalia Vass, Tibor's mother, said: "It was impossible and devastating to believe something like this could happen.
Jane was terrified Vass would come after her - and with good reason because she was proved right.
Incredibly, despite opposition from the police, Vass was granted bail pending trial.
Vass stabbed Jane Clough as she returned to her car after a shift at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.
It is understood Vass left his wife to move in with Miss Clough in Camden Street, Barrowford, before they too separated.
Ms Vass said the charity accepted the need to manage the decline of cheques, but said they had asked for alternatives to be introduced before a target date for the end of the cheque was set.
Vass draws upon his many years of experience as a leading expert on the impact of technological innovation to support his thesis that as technology continues to evolve at an ever increasing pace, local, regional, national, and international corporate businesses cannot merely keep up with the ever growing number of innovations, but to insure their success in today's highly competitive markets, they must be able to identify trends and predict technology, both in terms of marketing opportunities technology will afford, as well as the disruptions technological advancements can occur to existing practices with respect to manufacturing, transportation, distribution, communication, etc.