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a high official in certain Muslim countries, esp in the former Ottoman Empire. Viziers served in various capacities, such as that of provincial governor or chief minister to the sultan
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title of ministers and highest dignitaries in many Islamic countries. In the Ottoman Empire the supreme or grand vizier (vezir-i-azam, sard-azam) headed the government (the Porte), issued orders (fermans) in the name of the sultan, and signed peace treaties. With the termination of the sultanate in Turkey (1922), this office was abolished.

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According to Vazir Group, Canada is currently around halfway through its three year drive to attract a million new immigrants, as part of its Multi-Year Immigration Levels Plan.
Hussain drove the girl to Vazir Dhari Virkanwali village near Minchinabad to the house of his sister with the help of his accomplices.
Citing research conducted by the Harvard Medical School, Hadi Vazir, Category Manager for microwaves at Dawlance stated, "Exposing food to heat for long periods can break down nutrients, which is why often the best way to cook food is to heat it for the shortest amount of time and that is best done by modern microwaves."
That is why, Beyhaqi's Tales, the compilation Beyhaqi of Hasanak Vazir, a historical event, but due to their superior creative side, side to side on their historical reality beats fiction, not history.
(19) Shah-Alam's admiration for her was so great that not only did he give her positions of honour, but as reported by Gentil the Emperor used to say that 'If Juliana were a man, I would make her a vazir [Wazir]'.
The Screening Test Battery for Assessment of Psychosocial Development (STBAPD) was developed by Vazir et al.
The Deh Vazir Jurassic deformed conglomerate is located in the north part of the area and is sandwiched between two thrust sheets which are part of the Main Zagros Thrust zone.
[9.] Augustine LF, Vazir S, Rao SF, Rao MVV, Laxmaiah A, Nair KM.
Since the emergence of the office of the minister, or vazir, in early Islamic era, there has been a fundamental tension between rulers - be it sultans or shahs - and the minsters that headed the state administration.
The rambling complex as we know it today is largely the result of a building campaign in 1497-99 (Husain Baiqara's second reign, 1470-1506), when the well known vazir Ali Shir Niwa'i supervised an overall renovation of the mosque which ingeniously incorporated the Ghurid portions into the late-Timurid fabric (figure 3).