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a high official in certain Muslim countries, esp in the former Ottoman Empire. Viziers served in various capacities, such as that of provincial governor or chief minister to the sultan



title of ministers and highest dignitaries in many Islamic countries. In the Ottoman Empire the supreme or grand vizier (vezir-i-azam, sard-azam) headed the government (the Porte), issued orders (fermans) in the name of the sultan, and signed peace treaties. With the termination of the sultanate in Turkey (1922), this office was abolished.

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Not only Hasanak story, but in the event Their homes, especially Event of Afshin and Budolf, be shown Considering these facts, it is clear Beyhaqi- on Hasanak Vazir particular story, and the story of Afshin and Budolf-, characteristics Story and contemporary fiction plot, whiskey.
As he grapples with his identity - 'Am I Vazir Akbar Khan or Shah Shoja?
Safet Durguti, a representative of the Vazir organization, has also been designated under the relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions as a terrorist financier.
Richard da Costa's essentially decent Kasim lives in the shadow of the blood-thirsty Grand Vazir, doomed to a life of attending the funerals of his unfortunate brides.
The nineteenth-century chronicler Giani Gian Singh claims that Prithi Chand received Hehar and the village of Kader in jagir in exchange for disclaiming title to Amritsar and that the income from the two villages was later supplemented by the contributions rendered to three of the masands of the Guru darbar, an arrangement supposedly negotiated by the Mughal subedar Vazir Khan.
K K Rao, Ms Anjali Vazir, Shrikant Bhangaonkar, Mr Hari Rohra, Mr Suresh Rao, amongst other dignitaries.
Happy but no handshake: Vazir Nia Hamzeh, 28, forgot his wallet in a taxicab while visiting Taiwan on business.
We ask our Saudi brothers to leave the Yemeni people alone," Vazir said, adding, "This is a Yemeni issue and the Yemenis alone are able to settle the crisis in their country.
The Macintosh market has evolved to one where high-end applications put incredible demand on I/O and data storage," said Yousef Vazir, manager of strategic marketing at Initio.
Tenders are invited for Laying cc road from 1611087105/040 19-2-610/a/3 610/b/3/3 to 1611087105/043 opp vazir ali masjid fathedarwaza divn.
Tenders are invited for Concrete roadwith both side drain from house of happu thekedar to house of vazir beg in p.
Tenders are invited for laying side berm by rmc from vazir ali masjid via 19-2-622 to milar function hall in doodhbowli ps road in fathedarwaza divn